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T-Lex Ltd. provides high quality professional legal translation services for legal experts in the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria – Translations you can trust


Translation of general legal documents (German | English, English | German), in particular for the use in court

Assisting legal departments with respect to general interpretation and translation services, in particular with the establishment of company policies and communication with the management

Translation of (legal and other) expert reports for the use in litigation or arbitration proceedings

Assisting authorities and government bodies with respect to legal communication


Peter Andreas Eschig

Peter Andreas Eschig

I am very passionate about the legal profession and law in general. During my work as a lawyer for some of Austria’s most prestigious law firms, I dealt with the daily challenges of providing legal services on an international scale. Having been responsible for extensive legal translation work (and procuring translation services from third party providers) I realised that there is a significant demand and only a small number of service providers in the legal market for professional legal translation services that were efficient, reliable, accurate and available on short notice. These were crucial deliverables not only for my former colleagues but also for other law firms and legal departments I spoke with but were hard to find in the legal market. Most services, they claimed, lack one essential quality – they were (with rare exceptions and, if so, to a great extent only in a supervising function) generally not provided by trained lawyers and were hence sometimes incoherent and inaccurate.

In my experience it is essential for the translator to understand the legal nuances, background, meaning and the substance of the text to be translated.  My transactional and court experience as a lawyer has helped me to shape my understanding of the needs of law firms and legal departments.  Having obtained legal qualifications in Austria, Germany as well as England and Wales I have an in-depth understanding of the legal background and frameworks of both civil and common law systems and am well placed to deliver accurate legal translations.

With my company T-Lex Ltd. I cover the needs of today’s international law firms and legal departments doing business in the United Kingdom, Austria and Germany. Professional legal translations not only minimise costs but are also shaping your image as trusted legal advisor to your clients and also within your company.

skill set


Legal graduate studies Vienna

Postgraduate studies (LL.M.) in Vienna specialising in it- and information technology law

Postgraduate studies (LL.M.) in London (UCL) specialising in corporate insolvency law


Senior associate and associate at Austria’s leading law firms (currently non practicing)

Years of bi-lingual professional legal experience

Among others translation of expert reports in international arbitration proceedings

Bar exams

Bar exam (Vienna)

Solicitor (England & Wales) (n.p.)

Qualification exam in order to be eligible to the German bar


Co-author of the translation of the Austrian civil code (published December 2013 with LexisNexis Austria)

“A great help when working for international clients.”
(Dr. Stephan Winklbauer, Partner at Willheim Müller Rechtsanwälte, Vienna).


Read a recent review in the Austrian Lawyers’ Journal (Österreichische Juristenzeitung - ÖJZ) (German) (issue No. 12/2014)

“The smart idea has been excellently implemented and the well-deserved market success of the publication is to be expected not least because of the high quality.”
Helmut Ziehensack, Austrian Federal Attorney’s Office (Finanzprokuratur).

Also see the recent review by Franz Heidinger, Austrian Lawyers' Gazette (Österreichisches Anwaltsblatt), issue 9/2014.

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