We do not only translate, we also provide a sense-check of the original document, harmonise terminology, and liaise with the competent lawyers to deliver the product you need.

We can procure certified translations upon request.

Our services

We provide you with comments to the original document – everything we have noticed from typos, potentially ambiguous language to missing wording.

We will not just blindly translate if we need further input.  We ask the right questions to provide you with the most accurate translation.

If required, we translate draft documents and can update the translation as you amend the original.

We can provide in particular the following
services upon request:

Drafting suggestions also for original documents

A more thorough review from a legal perspective *

Harmonisation of legal terminology

Proof-reading and editing services

Legal localisation services


* This review only relates the linguistic understanding of experienced lawyers. However, we do not provide legal advisory services and the client remains fully responsible for the content of the provided documents and/or information.

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